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FTZ Facility - Bonded Warehouse

FTZ Facility - Bonded Warehouse

FDSA provides bonded warehouses, located in Killam Industrial Park & Embarcadero Industrial Park, that services that allow you to store merchandise with pending duties to the US Government. If you are an importer of goods on bond terms from overseas but do not have enough space, we are able to facilitate your needs by storing your goods for up to five (5) years. 

  • Complete Export In Bond (without paying taxes in the US).

  • Partial Export Shipments (In Bond)

  • Domestic import (paying taxes in the US)

  • FTZ Entry (214/216) / FTZ Withdrawals

  • Classification of Merchandise

  • Storage

  • Labeling of merchandise, repalletizing, cross-dock

  • Inventory Controls

  • Distribution Services

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